When is a Frame Not a Frame – The Sequel
Dave Jesse on August 31, 2016

When is a Frame Not a Frame – The Sequel So avid readers will remember the importance of superframe sequence numbering from my previous blog, and be wondering why this is such an issue. Surely you just number 16 superframes, and Bob’s your Uncle. Let’s take a simple example to start the blog going. Here […]

When is a Frame not a Frame?
Dave Jesse on August 23, 2016

Well, it’s a silly question but there is a point to it. In next week’s blog I am going to explain how superframes can go wrong, but first I need to explain subframes and superframes so that you, gentle reader, can understand what is going on. If you think you know all about frames and […]

Taking a Journey
Dave Jesse on July 6, 2016

Philosophically there are two ways to go from one place to another, from an origin to a destination. They are characterized by the saying attributed to Lao Tzu “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” and by Eddie Cochran’s hit “Three Steps to Heaven” (where would we be without Google and Wikipedia?). […]

Beware of Trolls – 2
Dave Jesse on June 17, 2016

Beware of Trolls – 2 Here’s an odd not really a blog, more a word of caution. I’ll return to data analysis next week (promise). Still, this week I ask you to watch a video for ten minutes. Back in 2013 I wrote a blog entitled “Beware of Trolls”. This was about patent infringement and […]

More on Interesting Times
Dave Jesse on June 3, 2016

More on Interesting Times On 20th May I wrote about “Interesting Times” and cited a helicopter accident that happened on 29th April in Norway. This blog is a comment on the investigation process, an update on that accident and a brief explanation of epicyclic transmissions for the non-rotor aviators. Accident Investigations There are commonly complaints […]

Who works on Sundays?
Dave Jesse on May 11, 2016

These guys do. I’ll explain who they are at the end of the blog. We will get there via a diversion about repository activity tracking and large data analysis. New software being written If you are ever curious about how much work is going on behind the scenes to bring you the POLARIS software, you […]

Breaking Boundaries
Dave Jesse on May 3, 2016

As both avid readers of my blog will know, I am very keen on data sharing. This allows us to learn from each other, both to find out what we are doing badly and to help to identify best practice. Indeed, data driven analysis of safety is now recognised as the mainstay of current aviation […]

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