Keeping up to date
Dave Jesse on December 21, 2016

It is important in flight safety, as with most other things in life, to keep up with changes in regulations and procedures, and to keep up with industry best practice. It occurred to me that one safety lesson which I was told many years ago by my old friend and mentor, Capt Simon Searle, should be brought up to date.


Original Safety Lesson

Santa, as was normal for this time of year, had to renew his license. With the four reindeer harnessed and ready to go, the examiner climbed onto the co-pilot’s seat.

Santa glanced down and saw a shotgun poking out from under the examiner’s heavy coat. “What’s that for?” he asked.

“Oh, you were not meant to have spotted that. It’s for the engine failure after takeoff” replied the examiner.


Updated Safety Lesson

Sitting in the warmth of Santa’s Grotto, the operations inspector reviewed the documentation of operation Christmas. “This is very impressive” he started, “I see you have delivered  27,616,509,713 presents this century without any engine failures. I think this is clear evidence that we can use in your evidence based training syllabus (and save a Reindeer). Do you use any monitoring systems?”.

Proudly, Santa unveiled his world leading Reindeer faecal fragrance facility. “Poo pong prognostics predict poor power performance promptly” he pronounced.

The inspector was delighted, but had a concern about an emerging threat. “What about lithium batteries?” he asked.